Woman Shares How This Kind Train Conductor Helped Her Elderly Mother Get Off The Train


He was worried when he saw the elderly lady trying to descend the carriage.

A train conductor went out of his way to help an elderly lady after seeing how difficult it was for her to get off the train

On Monday, 13 January, a Thai woman named Pimchanok Praisuwan shared the heartwarming story on Facebook after the train conductor helped her 82-year-old mother with reduced mobility get off the train with such care.

Praisuwan and her mother were on a train from Hat Yai to Ratchaburi province, a popular tourist area in the outskirts of Bangkok

According to Sin Chew Daily, when the train arrived at the destination, it stopped one track away from the arrival platform.

The train carriage steps were also too high for Praisuwan’s mother to alight without having to jump down.

Seeing the elderly woman struggle, two train conductors immediately came to her aid

One lifted her off the train and across the train tracks to the arrival platform, while the other helped bring her luggage across.

“It’s just like taking care of my parents and relatives,” said the conductor

When contacted afterwards, the train conductor, Yagariya Mamu, told Thai PBS that he was worried when he saw the elderly lady trying to descend the train.

He said that he was only doing his duty and would always happily go out of his way to help the disabled, elderly, and sick.

Netizens were touched by the simple act of kindness and praised the train employees on Praisuwan’s Facebook post

Praisuwan wrote that they were both absolutely grateful for the kindness of the two officers.

Meanwhile, the Thai news outlet also reported that the train conductor’s daughter was also so proud of him when the news went viral and said, “You’ll have to carry me too when you get home”. –THE MALAYA POST

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