The 7 strongest female leads for the new decade of Korean dramas


2020 is here, which only means one thing, that we are now in a whole new decade of K-Dramas to watch!

These ten beautiful and talented actresses who are currently in their twenties are very much expected to take over the screens as the strongest female leads.

We can’t wait to watch them on TV — to laugh, cry, love, hate, hurt, and heal or in short feel a roller coaster of emotions with them!

1. Kim Ji Won

Actress Kim Ji Won recent works featuring her as the sole female lead, like the 2017 KBS drama Fight for My Way is a big step in her career since she has long been a strong supporting actress. The viewers are now anticipating more from her in this year 2020.

2. IU

IU has made her peak as a singer years ago, but as an actress, she is just building her career in the acting industry one step at a time. Although she has been a female lead for several shows, her acting really took away the viewers’ attention in her recent dramas My Mister and Hotel Del Luna. And now she makes everyone excited for what may come in her career in the new decade!

3. Suzy

Suzy has always been tagged as one of the most successful idol-turned-actress cases in the K-Pop and K-Drama industry. Like IU, Suzy has also built up her career in filmography since her drama titled”Dream High”. And now with her latest series “Vagabond” confirming her to be an attractive and irresistible female lead, she has already climbed up to the top of all potential K-Drama casts.

4. Kim Hye Yoon

The new face in Korean drama is Actress Kim Hye Yoon, but she actually starred in two of 2019’s hottest K-Drama series which is “Sky Castle” and “Extraordinary You.” With her performance in this said program made the K-Drama lovers believe her to be the next rising actress of the decade!

5. Jin Se Yeon

You may think that Actress Jin Se Yeon may seem overqualified to be on the list since she has already made multiple historic dramas, like the “Bridal Mask “and “Queen: Love and War”, yet it is mainly because of the fact that K-drama fans are anticipating to see more of her in the light, modern, romantic comedies of the new decade!

6. Kim So Hyun

Way back year 2008, Actress Kim So Hyun was debuted when she was only 6 years old and is now considered as a veteran actress since she has an experience of more than 10years in the industry. Although she is already an experienced actress, the anticipation comes from the fact that she just recently turned 20 years old and new opportunities for more mature roles await her!

7. Kim Yoo Jung

The same as Kim So Hyun, actress Kim Yoo Jung also started in the Korean drama industry at a young age and was tagged as the nation’s most UWU baby girl. Now that she is “coming of age” as a twenty-year-old beauty in the industry, viewers look forward to seeing Kim Yoo Jung put her acting skills to use as she leads in more shows. –THE MALAYA POST

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