Zang Toi celebrated the 30th anniversary of his business

Zang Toi RTW Spring 2020

Malaysian Fashion Designer, Dato’ Zang Toi celebrated the 30th anniversary of his business, the House of Toi.

“ I’m exhausted but happy. There was so much love in that ballroom last 2 weeks. I’ve been at the boutique writing orders with clients since 7 a.m that day. I’m taking a break before the waves arrive at 5 p.m,” Dato Zang told The Malaya Post.

The audience at Zang Toi’s spring show on Tuesday night ( Nov 10, 2019) was like a who’s who of the Republican Party — no surprise, given the designer’s close ties to the Trump family, and the fact that the venue, 3 West 51st Street on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, is the home of the Women’s National Republican Club.

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer sat in the front row, keeping watch over empty seats to the right and left of him.

The room of Toi fans who took the opportunity to flaunt the designer’s looks from seasons past included Judge Jeanine Pirro, wearing an off-white ankle-length pants suit; Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, dressed in a long sleeveless pale pink dress, and socialite Jean Shafiroff in a red dress decorated with white leaves at the hem.

Wearing short shorts, heels and a tailored jacket, Marla Maples blew into the room looking like she wanted to be noticed.

Longtime client Patti LaBelle arrived with a small entourage before the lights dimmed, with Donald Trump Jr. and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle a few steps behind her.

Carol Alt, who closed the show, said afterward, “Zang and I have been friends for three and a half years, but we’re soulmates. He never asked a celebrity to walk his runway, but he asked me six months ago.

What I like about Zang’s collection, besides the fact that he makes you feel so sexy, is that he picks the best quality materials and his workmanship is extraordinary, he does everything by hand.”

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